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Australian film-maker and adventure Greg Grainger has a knack for creating documentaries that examine and exposure some of the world’s most fascinating creatives. His documentaries are beautifully shot, packed full of interesting information, and they’re sure to excite your sense of adventure as they take you around the world.

Two of Grainger’s documentaries – Fabulous Foals and On Thin Ice – will do that and much more. They’re wonderful docs that offer in-depth examinations of some of the world’s favourite furry friends, and they’re endlessly fascinating.

Fabulous Foals

Horses are majestic and mysterious, and in Fabulous Foals, they’re completely demystified. Produced by GraingerTV, this stand-alone documentary takes viewers on an around-the-world exploration of the horse. No stone is left unturned. From an in-depth look at different breeds of horses, to lifecycle of the horse from foal to adult, Fabulous Foals dazzles as it provides a comprehensive equine history.

You might never have ridden a horse. Or maybe you find them scary to be around. Either way, this documentary will fascinate you, as it delivers an endless stream of interesting factoids about horses around the world. When watching this documentary, you get to do it all: Take a ride into the world of horse sporting, and learn about horse jumping, cross country riding and dressage. Look at how different breeds were developed for specific jobs. And finally, explore some of the more obscure ways we humans interact with horses – from training them to star in TV shows, to taking them for swims at the beach.

Even if you’ve never been interested in horses, Fabulous Foals is sure to capture your attention and entertain. It’s fun, yet informative; beautifully shot, and most importantly, it’s captivating.

On Thin Ice

Not many of us will have the chance to travel to the Arctic to see polar bears, and with polar bears facing extinction, we may be losing the time to do it. Fortunately, we have film-maker and adventurer Greg Grainger’s On Thin Ice, an in-depth exploration of the plight of polar bears in the Arctic. Compiled during more than a year of expeditions in the frozen landscape, Grainger’s documentary delivers striking photos of polar bears in their natural habitats.

Yet, this isn’t just a naturalist look at these majestic creatures. Grainger’s documentary provides a crash course the changing climate and the affect it is having on bears in the Arctic. From dwindling food sources, to vanishing landscapes, On Thin Ice doesn’t just capture the beautiful landscapes; it also effectively documents the shocking affect its having on polar bears. Grainger and his crew captured footage of starving bears fighting dogs at a Norwegian weather station, images of a bear believed to have succumbed to starvation, and video of bears that had wandered into towns looking for food.

Simply put, On Thin Ice is a moving documentary that captures the beautiful, yet disappearing landscapes of the Arctic and the animals that call these environs home. You’ll feel the cold, as well as the isolation when watching hour-plus feature. It’s masterfully executed and beautifully shot, and well worth your time to watch.

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On the Edge of Your Seat with These Action Flicks

Good actions movies are chock full of suspense with storylines that fly and keep our attention. They keep us glued to the edge of our seats. Plus, when you throw some explosions, chase scenes, and shootouts in the mix, you can’t help but wait to see happens next.

Idol of Evil and Airborne couldn’t be more different. One follows kidnapping Satanists, while the other is the story of a black ops team that must retrieve a stolen viral agent before it’s too late. Although they’re different, they’re both wonderful, edge-of-your-seat action films that will get your heart racing.

Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever

Idol of Evil starts simple enough. David Hilton, played by actor Richard Cambridge, is a mythological researcher. He spends his days investigating paranormal and strange, mythic events. Yet, when his colleague Dr. Kixley is kidnapped by a group of marauding Satanists, Hilton might be her only hope for survival.

We find out that Kixley is no ordinary researcher. She holds the key to an ancient riddle that can unleash evil on Earth. Kixley’s knowledge is so dangerous; her kidnappers will go to great lengths to use his knowledge for evil.

Directed by Kevin McDonagh and released in 2009, Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever will keep you tuned into the action. Hilton is in a race against time through the English countryside, and you’ll just have to watch to see how he makes out. With its clear influences from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as its action-packed scenes, Idol of Evil is a must-watch for action mystery enthusiasts.


Julian Grant’s Airborne has the plot of your average action movie: A black ops team is tasked with retrieving a dangerous virus-causing agent from a gang of thieves. The virus gets into the hands of an international arms dealer, and it’s up to the team to save humanity. You get it. Starring 80s heartthrob Steve Guttenberg – famous for Police Academy – and British badboy Sean Bean, Airborne packs the action into its 90-minute runtime.

Featuring a daring mid-air mission, as well as plenty of shootouts and chase scenes, the film holds its own against Big Budget action movies. Yet, it’s clearly a low-budget affair. Either way, Airborne is a must-watch if you’re a fan of flashy, explosion-heavy action movies.

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A Heist and a Wilderness Survival Story: Two Action Movies You’ll Love on ViewLorium

What makes for a good action movie? A fast moving story? Adventures in far-away lands? Shootouts? Well, you will get all that and more from Rapid Fear and Braille. Both films offer unique takes on the action genre, featuring intriguing storylines, well-executed cinematography and entertaining, action-packed scenes.

Rapid Fear

In Geoff Cox’s Rapid Fear, six teenage delinquents are given a choice: Serve 48 hours in jail or spend the time on a teambuilding camping and survival trip in the woods. They all choose the latter, and the group is sent on a wild adventure deep in the backcountry. The expedition team is led by hardened ex-con James (played by Peter Kent), who’s recently been released from prison, as well as a warden and several other adults.

The thing is: There’s an evil presence stalking the group in the woods, and as the teen’s chaperones slowly start to disappear, it will be up to these hardened teens to band together to save each other and survive in the wilderness. Also starring Steven Grives, Rapid Fear starts quickly with a chase scene, and the adventure just flows from there. You will be glued to the screen just waiting to see how these youngsters survive.


In writer/director Matthew Chuang’s Braille, a classic action plotline is turned on its head. This isn’t your average action movie storyline. In the film, we have a former thief named Nick – who’s now blind – and Nick’s looking to avenge misdeeds that are nearly two decades in the past. To help with this complex, payback heist, Nick brings three young thieves on board to serve as his protégés.

The planning and execution of the heist carries the story forward at razor-sharp speeds, but it’s what Chuang accomplishes in the script that makes this story unique. Chuang has written a rich, vibrant tale. There’s drama and depth in his characters, which sometimes you don’t find in the genre. Plus, Chuang has a knack for pacing. The story moves along quickly during the race against the clock to heist a stolen diamond.

What’s more, Chuang used a digital format for the movie, and as a result, the cinematography has a distinctive movie screen type look that’s interesting and elegant. Braille works on so many levels: From the plot, to the cinematography, and although its low budget is sometimes evident, it’s certainly a film you don’t want to miss.

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Ben Cropp’s – Wild Australia

ViewLorium has a wide range of documentaries and some of the most popular are those in the Ben Cropp – Wild Australia series. Two of the most popular Ben Cropp documentaries currently screening on ViewLorium are –

Wonders of a Billabong

The billabong has become one of Australia’s icons, thanks to it being made *famous* by the poems of Banjo Patterson. A billabong is basically a river that has been cut off, when a river changes its course it often leaves a banana shaped stretch of water, over time this area becomes land locked and transforms itself into a tranquil lagoon – a billabong.

In Wonders of a Billabong Ben chooses to show viewers one of the best billabongs he has ever seen this one is located outside Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory. This stunning billabong is literally teaming with life and Ben (who is filming in High Definition) captures all of the amazing wildlife and the beautiful scenery. Watching the wildlife we learn how the daily predator VS prey of the animal kingdom is played out – a daily upheaval that takes place in an otherwise tranquil and pristine billabong.

In this apparently calm lagoon you’ll see the water full of crocodiles – both the harmless fresh water and the dangerous salt water varieties, learn how they prey on the turtles, barramundi, cat-fish and file snakes that call this billabong home. There are other lizards living there too including the water dragons that also feed on smaller prey.

There is a range of birdlife flying over head including darters, cormorants, pelicans and osprey eagles – all who are capable of diving and capturing the fish that live in the billabong. Ben captures crocodiles stalking and catching a wild pig and a wallaby! This amazing 52 minute documentary captures the beauty of this uniquely Australian icon both above and below the water.

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This Rugged Coast – The Coral Labyrinth

The area at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef – Swains Reef remains largely still uncharted which presents a huge challenge for even the most experienced sailors. It is also an area teaming with the world’s largest collection of venomous sea snakes, watch as Ben encounter these dangers as he takes you an another adventure through this wild and dangerous area off Australia’s coast.

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Travel OZ – Movie Review

Travel Oz is a brilliant TV show/documentary that screens on ViewLorium; this is a 10 part series starring Greg Grainger. We join him on his many travels around Australia – including along the Murray River.

This epic 2520km journey begins at the rivers source at Cowombat Flat to the sea – near Goolwa in South Australia. The Murray River divides the borders of New South Wales and Victoria. Just 40 kilometres from Mt Kosciusko – Australia’s highest peak the snow is falling as Greg discovers the headwaters of the Murray River, moving through *the Man from Snowy River* country to the upper Murray and Lake Hume. You’ll see Australia’s diverse *food bowl*, local communities, orchards, wineries, Murray Cod nurseries and much more.

In Echuca see the largest paddle steamer fleet and experience the peace and tranquillity of house boating on the Murray River. In Mildura you’ll meet legendary chef Stefano de Pieri and explore the Perry Sandhills with local Paakantji Aboriginal guide Graham Clarke from Harry Nanya, and kayak through the stunning biosphere near Renmark Paringa in South Australia.

As the Murray River heads south from the great nor’ west bend at Morgan, Greg shows you Lock No 1 with it unique fish ladder and in Big Bend, the stunning golden ancient limestone cliffs. Greg encounters some local seals as he completes his Murray River journey by paddling out to the Southern Ocean and Encounter Bay.

Why not take the time to join with Greg for this wonderful and uniquely Australian river experience along the Murray River.

Some of the highlights of just this one episode include

  • A forest of dead red gums on the Hume Weir that is both beautiful and eerie
  • A cattle roundup with a horse riding family in the Upper Murray
  • Exploring the tunnels and watching the release of water at the Hume Weir
  • Travelling on paddle steamers and seeing them being restored
  • Kayaking the Biosphere near Renmark Paringa
  • Seeing many of the amazing *Characters* Greg meets along the way
  • Cooking with master chef Stefani de Pieri
  • The farmers who raise everything from oranges and mandarins to sheep and Murray Cod
  • The locks, the lock masters and the fish ladders

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Who Doesn’t Like a Good Laugh?

Swimsuit The Movie

Swimsuit The Movie is just one of the many comedy movies available to watch through ViewLorium. The movie is what we call a *mockumentary* – which is set out like a documentary – but of course a whole lot funnier. The movie revolves around a fictional chemical company who have decided to put out a swimsuit issue so they can capitalise on the old *sex sells* adage and they hope that sex will sell their awful products. The mocking part of this documentary is that the company actually sells everything! Everything from faulty breast implants, toilet paper and lousy chicken nuggets to toxic water and chemicals that destroy the environment – basically anything they can get wrong – they do!

The firms motto is deceive and destroy!

The documentary part of the movie is them actually making the swimsuit catalogue.

Mrs Allison is the owner of the Saltare Swimwear Company – along with her not so bright assistant Willard and her top man Brian they have to find the men and women who can be perspective models for her swimwear range. Through the movie we look into the personal life of these young hopefuls and the strenuous workouts and photo shoots they undertake to make the cut – but only a few will be chosen.

Swimsuit The Movie is quite funny and without a doubt the funniest character is Jeremy Hollister who is the alcoholic photographer in charge of photographing the catalogue. Of course there are some pretty hot women including supermodel Sandy Scotland who is played by Suzanne Lanza.

Think of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, beautiful women in bikini’s selling the advantages of these horrible products. Every model is trying to do their very best with shoots taking place on an oily beach, inside a rainforest and some other rather unfortunate locations. Will anyone actually quit before the photo shoot is over?

You’ll find the models are stunning and have strong personalities while the head of the company makes outrageous comments about the environment and the impact of his chemicals, you’ll enjoy the scenery but the acting leaves a lot to be desired….. But it is a classic B-grade movie!

Swimsuit The Movie was made in 1997 and stars Rebeccah Bush, Arthur Roberts, Oliver Muirhead, Heidi Mark and Suzanne Lanza, and runs for 83 minutes.

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Japanese Movies on ViewLorium

ViewLorium is your home for b-grade movies. If you want to watch free online movies and you want to watch something different, we have a range of Japanese movies for you to watch – in full for free 24/7. Free movie streaming is fast and joining ViewLorium is easy, there are no lock in contracts, no need for a credit card, it’s free today and it will always be free – the way online movie streaming should be.

Blind Love

Blind Lovewas released in 2006 and runs for just over 1 hour. It stars Paulabianca Hatter, Khalfani Allicock and Austin Ku. She is a prostitute who must obey the call of the night, he’s a hit man wanting keep a low profile, they don’t know each other but end up renting the same room. They decide to take turns spending half days in the apartment so their lives never cross, she hates that he pees on her toilet seat and smokes. He is aware of her *job* and begins to fantasise about her….. As they both become more and more entangled in their lives of crime it seems that the underworld will actually bring these two together – but when? and how??

Twitch – You Are My Toy

Twitch – you are my toyThis is a 2004 *pink film* directed by Yuji Tajiri – the film won the *Bronze prize* for best film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony while lead actress Yumeka Sasaki also won the award for best actress. This is another short Japanese film running only 65 minutes and stars Yumeka Sasaki, Atsuya Sanada and Masahiko Hori.

Headstrong photographer Minori is involved with Kushida her editor. While on a photographic assignment she gets into an argument with her subject Ageha who is a female erotic manga artist, who just like Minori is 30 and single. Unfortunately Shin’ichi who is the journalist on the assignment with Minori receives the blame for the failure of their assignment. To make amends Minori sleeps with Shin’ichi only to discover her own position at work isn’t as secure as she thought it was. When Minori starts to suspect that Kushida is also involved with Ageha Minori starts to reconsider her own lifestyle.

While these movies aren’t for children, if you want to escape for an hour these b-grade movies are for you. Remember these are Japanese movies and are subtitled. ViewLorium has a range of Japanese movies available to watch, if you are not a fan, we have many other movies and TV shows available for you to watch free online – genres include – Action, Bollywood, Documentary, Family, Sci-Fi, war, western, animation, comedy, drama and horror. With so much free content available for you to stream, ViewLorium is sure to have something you’ll enjoy watching.

2 More Action Movies on Viewlorium


Hypercane – or 500MPH Storm as it is also known is one of many full action movies you can watch for free online. ViewLorium is your home for the best of the best B-grade movies out there, and the great thing is you can watch a wide range of movies and TV shows on ViewLorium, all for FREE any time you want! The plotline of Hypercane is quite simple – when an emergency experiment goes wrong a rash of massive hurricanes rip through North America, a scientist must now get his family to safety before these hurricanes merge – once merged they will form a hypercane with enough power to literally wipe America off the map.

Released in 2013 this action movie runs for 1 hour 26 and stars Casper Van Dien, Michael Beach and Sarah Lieving.

You will find Hypercane is one of those b-grade movies that is totally silly, quite bad but actually interesting and is a great movie if you have ever wondered *what if* a huge storm, hurricane, tornado etc were to hit. The special effects (basically the storm) seem to follow the hero and his family in their car and hit a factory complex, start a forest fire and are pretty corny, but isn’t that what we all love about b-grade movies?

As with all b-grade movies there is a question mark over some of the acting and they sure get around, one minute being in the foothills of the mountains, the next scene by a river and then suddenly they are up in the Sandia Mountains! This free online movie at ViewLorium will see some very strange dialogue, corny special effects, and actors who don’t act very well. For lovers of this style of movie and who want to be entertained by something different for 90 minutes, you’ll love it!

Witness in the Warzone

Witness in the Warzone – also known as *Deadline* is a great b-grade action movie available to watch free online and is a 1987 war/drama/action film about a journalist (Christopher Walken) ace reporter Don Stevens who has been set up using false information. It was filmed in Israel and won Christopher an award for *best Actor* in the Shanghai International TV Festival awards.

Don is an American journalist who is in Beirut, Lebanon during the civil war, staying in a hotel with an English Journalist Mike Jessop, he has been promised an interview with a top PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) leader – however this is a set-up and he mistakenly interviews an imposter who claims the PLO are ready to negotiate peacefully. Don is furious he has been lied to and sets out to find the truth.

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Reviews – Don’t shoot the pharmacist/Thunder Over Reno

At ViewLorium we have a wide range of classic b-grade movies available for you to watch free online 24/7. With so many free action movies to watch – when you want, it can be hard to decide. Today ViewLorium takes a closer look at some of our favourites.

Don’t Shoot The Pharmacist

Made in 2008 this comedy movie runs for 89 minutes and stars Ben Bailey as Zack, Godfrey as Kevin, Steve Byrne as Alex the comic, Jayson Simba, Roger Anthony, Erik Davies and Amily Sproch. 2008 Emmy winner Ben Bailey is Zack a pharmacist who is stuck in the sometimes zany *graveyard shift* at work, who has to do everything he can to survive the night.

Spending the night thinking about life as a roulette dealer, while dealing with a range of customers, from the weird and beautiful, to strange and dangerous. Zack and his wise-cracking pharmacy tech – Ty spend their nights trying to make sense of the strange world they find themselves living in working at Brooklyn’s *Goodyear Pharmacy*. Before their night can come to an end Zack’s newfound *self* is tested to the limit as the lives of Ty, Zack and Phil a frequent customer and manic OCD patient are put in danger by a desperate and armed man who will do anything he can to get what he wants.

Thunder Over Reno – (2008)

Butch Bandi (played by Hawk Younkins) is living in the small agricultural town of Death Valley Junction where he works as a crop duster in the family business. Butch is a cross between the local high school football team hero and the guy set to leave town as soon as possible to move onto bigger and better things. Out of the blue Butch suddenly finds marketing agent Pete Squires (played by Bobby Aronofsky) dropping into his life. Pete has just found himself in the middle of no-where looking for action, girls and petrol.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation Pete discovers the unknown but very talented pilot Butch and offers him the *chance of a lifetime* as a Race Pilot in the National Championship Air Races. Torn between his love for family and his dreams of a bigger and better life Butch leaves town with Pete after a fight with his dad Owen (played by Chris Foxworthy).

Butch finds himself pushed into the world of life-and-death Air Racing at Reno, he has to struggle to keep his mind on flying while dealing with 2 possible love interests – Marti Jackman (Natasha Yi) and Paige Raider (Izabella St James), for Butch his toughest job now is just to stay alive.

These are just 2 of the many free online movies available to watch on ViewLorium.

Must watch TV Shows

At ViewLorium we have a wide range of free TV shows online available for you to watch 24/7. With no lock in contracts ViewLorium offers you the best way to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Some of our best TV documentaries include –

Jeff Watson’s The Boneyard – This documentary has been lovingly put together by Jeff Watson – broadcaster journalist and self confessed *aeroplane tragic*. Having flown over 60 different aircraft, Jeff’s production company specialises exclusively in documentaries on aviation. Some of his other well known documentaries include- Classic Aeroplanes In Australia, The Ansett Story and The Last Plane Out Of Berlin.

The Boneyard is in the Davis-Monthan Air force Base in Tucson, Arizona and is the name given to the US Air Force aircraft maintenance and storage facility there. Watch as Jeff wanders around over 4400 aircraft that just sit there in the desert until needed for spare parts.

You’ll soon see as the camera pans around all of these very carefully parked aircraft that if you are an aeroplane enthusiast the Davis-Monthan is definitely the place for you and if you love aircraft the Boneyard documentary on ViewLorium is for you.

Ben Cropps Wild Australia – Vanishing Grey Nurse Sharks. Without a doubt Australia’s grey nurse shark population is declining and is on the brink of extinction. It began during the 1960’s when shark netting programmes began catching hundreds of local grey nurse sharks. At the same time a new *sport* was born – shark hunting which targeted the slow moving grey nurse sharks that hunted off the NSW coast.

Ben Cropp is your host for this thrilling documentary which is brilliant as Ben was once a shark hunter who swapped his spears for a camera and began capturing the majestic grey nurse shark on camera rather than killing them.

There are 57 known *shark gutters* along the NSW coast where thousands of grey nurse sharks are schooled, the once thriving population is now falling. Not helping is the very strange natural reproduction system of the shark. The most advanced embryo in each of the shark’s two uteri will actually eat all the remaining embryos – this process is called intrauterine cannibalism.

Ben Cropp knows these sharks well and he knows where they live from his shark hunting days, these days he returns to the areas to study and film their behaviour. Within just a few kilometres of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Ben finds a family of grey nurse sharks living in a cave just meters from shore.

Learn more about these amazing creatures at ViewLorium this documentary and many more are available to watch free TV on line 24/7. Watch when YOU want to watch it!