Rescue from Gilligan’s Island

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island is just one of the many comedy movies available to watch free online at ViewLorium.

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island made in 1978 capitalises on the popularity of the earlier TV series and sees our castaways STILL stranded on a deserted island. When a decaying Russian satellite crashes onto the island the Professor (Russell Johnson) uses a key from the satellite to make a barometer. Thanks to the new device he learns a massive wave will swamp the island, so in a desperate attempt to ride the disaster out the castaways lash all their huts together to form one structure.

When the wave hits the island the hut is washed out to sea. Once at sea Gilligan (Bob Denver) decides to cook a meal and accidentally starts a fire and nearly burns the floating hut down. While everyone is trying to put the fire out and save the hut they don’t see that a passing Navy helicopter has seen the smoke and has called for help.

Once back on dry land in Hawaii everyone is happy to be rescued, but a LOT has changed in the years they have been away and they all struggle to find a way to fit in. To make matters worse two Russian spies want that key from the satellite back – the problem is Gilligan is now wearing it around his neck!

Following on from the classic TV series Rescue from Gilligan’s Island is just as *corny* but still a lot of fun.


  • Rescue from Gilligan’s Island the TV movie was the most viewed movie of all time. When it aired it scored 52% in the Nielson ratings which remains one of the highest ratings of all time for a TV movie.
  • The scene where the rescued castaways are towed into harbour to a heroes’ welcome, was actually filmed in Los Angeles. The extras they hired to be the crowd were soon joined by many onlookers – all of them happy to see the familiar characters rescued at last. The crowd’s enthusiasm was so over-whelming the cast were reduced to tears.
  • This movie and the following Gilligan’s Island movie were being considered as pilots for a possible new Gilligan’s Island TV series the entire original cast returned for the movie except Tina Louise – who played Ginger Grant as she wanted too much money.
  • Producer Sherwood Schwartz ended up using his own money to fund the movie as the studio planned to limit his creative control and funding.

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