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ViewLorium is your home for b-grade movies. If you want to watch free online movies and you want to watch something different, we have a range of Japanese movies for you to watch – in full for free 24/7. Free movie streaming is fast and joining ViewLorium is easy, there are no lock in contracts, no need for a credit card, it’s free today and it will always be free – the way online movie streaming should be.

Blind Love

Blind Lovewas released in 2006 and runs for just over 1 hour. It stars Paulabianca Hatter, Khalfani Allicock and Austin Ku. She is a prostitute who must obey the call of the night, he’s a hit man wanting keep a low profile, they don’t know each other but end up renting the same room. They decide to take turns spending half days in the apartment so their lives never cross, she hates that he pees on her toilet seat and smokes. He is aware of her *job* and begins to fantasise about her….. As they both become more and more entangled in their lives of crime it seems that the underworld will actually bring these two together – but when? and how??

Twitch – You Are My Toy

Twitch – you are my toyThis is a 2004 *pink film* directed by Yuji Tajiri – the film won the *Bronze prize* for best film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony while lead actress Yumeka Sasaki also won the award for best actress. This is another short Japanese film running only 65 minutes and stars Yumeka Sasaki, Atsuya Sanada and Masahiko Hori.

Headstrong photographer Minori is involved with Kushida her editor. While on a photographic assignment she gets into an argument with her subject Ageha who is a female erotic manga artist, who just like Minori is 30 and single. Unfortunately Shin’ichi who is the journalist on the assignment with Minori receives the blame for the failure of their assignment. To make amends Minori sleeps with Shin’ichi only to discover her own position at work isn’t as secure as she thought it was. When Minori starts to suspect that Kushida is also involved with Ageha Minori starts to reconsider her own lifestyle.

While these movies aren’t for children, if you want to escape for an hour these b-grade movies are for you. Remember these are Japanese movies and are subtitled. ViewLorium has a range of Japanese movies available to watch, if you are not a fan, we have many other movies and TV shows available for you to watch free online – genres include – Action, Bollywood, Documentary, Family, Sci-Fi, war, western, animation, comedy, drama and horror. With so much free content available for you to stream, ViewLorium is sure to have something you’ll enjoy watching.

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