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Swimsuit The Movie

Swimsuit The Movie is just one of the many comedy movies available to watch through ViewLorium. The movie is what we call a *mockumentary* – which is set out like a documentary – but of course a whole lot funnier. The movie revolves around a fictional chemical company who have decided to put out a swimsuit issue so they can capitalise on the old *sex sells* adage and they hope that sex will sell their awful products. The mocking part of this documentary is that the company actually sells everything! Everything from faulty breast implants, toilet paper and lousy chicken nuggets to toxic water and chemicals that destroy the environment – basically anything they can get wrong – they do!

The firms motto is deceive and destroy!

The documentary part of the movie is them actually making the swimsuit catalogue.

Mrs Allison is the owner of the Saltare Swimwear Company – along with her not so bright assistant Willard and her top man Brian they have to find the men and women who can be perspective models for her swimwear range. Through the movie we look into the personal life of these young hopefuls and the strenuous workouts and photo shoots they undertake to make the cut – but only a few will be chosen.

Swimsuit The Movie is quite funny and without a doubt the funniest character is Jeremy Hollister who is the alcoholic photographer in charge of photographing the catalogue. Of course there are some pretty hot women including supermodel Sandy Scotland who is played by Suzanne Lanza.

Think of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, beautiful women in bikini’s selling the advantages of these horrible products. Every model is trying to do their very best with shoots taking place on an oily beach, inside a rainforest and some other rather unfortunate locations. Will anyone actually quit before the photo shoot is over?

You’ll find the models are stunning and have strong personalities while the head of the company makes outrageous comments about the environment and the impact of his chemicals, you’ll enjoy the scenery but the acting leaves a lot to be desired….. But it is a classic B-grade movie!

Swimsuit The Movie was made in 1997 and stars Rebeccah Bush, Arthur Roberts, Oliver Muirhead, Heidi Mark and Suzanne Lanza, and runs for 83 minutes.

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