On the Edge of Your Seat with These Action Flicks

Good actions movies are chock full of suspense with storylines that fly and keep our attention. They keep us glued to the edge of our seats. Plus, when you throw some explosions, chase scenes, and shootouts in the mix, you can’t help but wait to see happens next.

Idol of Evil and Airborne couldn’t be more different. One follows kidnapping Satanists, while the other is the story of a black ops team that must retrieve a stolen viral agent before it’s too late. Although they’re different, they’re both wonderful, edge-of-your-seat action films that will get your heart racing.

Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever

Idol of Evil starts simple enough. David Hilton, played by actor Richard Cambridge, is a mythological researcher. He spends his days investigating paranormal and strange, mythic events. Yet, when his colleague Dr. Kixley is kidnapped by a group of marauding Satanists, Hilton might be her only hope for survival.

We find out that Kixley is no ordinary researcher. She holds the key to an ancient riddle that can unleash evil on Earth. Kixley’s knowledge is so dangerous; her kidnappers will go to great lengths to use his knowledge for evil.

Directed by Kevin McDonagh and released in 2009, Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever will keep you tuned into the action. Hilton is in a race against time through the English countryside, and you’ll just have to watch to see how he makes out. With its clear influences from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as its action-packed scenes, Idol of Evil is a must-watch for action mystery enthusiasts.


Julian Grant’s Airborne has the plot of your average action movie: A black ops team is tasked with retrieving a dangerous virus-causing agent from a gang of thieves. The virus gets into the hands of an international arms dealer, and it’s up to the team to save humanity. You get it. Starring 80s heartthrob Steve Guttenberg – famous for Police Academy – and British badboy Sean Bean, Airborne packs the action into its 90-minute runtime.

Featuring a daring mid-air mission, as well as plenty of shootouts and chase scenes, the film holds its own against Big Budget action movies. Yet, it’s clearly a low-budget affair. Either way, Airborne is a must-watch if you’re a fan of flashy, explosion-heavy action movies.

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