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On the Edge of Your Seat with These Action Flicks

Good actions movies are chock full of suspense with storylines that fly and keep our attention. They keep us glued to the edge of our seats. Plus, when you throw some explosions, chase scenes, and shootouts in the mix, you can’t help but wait to see happens next.

Idol of Evil and Airborne couldn’t be more different. One follows kidnapping Satanists, while the other is the story of a black ops team that must retrieve a stolen viral agent before it’s too late. Although they’re different, they’re both wonderful, edge-of-your-seat action films that will get your heart racing.

Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever

Idol of Evil starts simple enough. David Hilton, played by actor Richard Cambridge, is a mythological researcher. He spends his days investigating paranormal and strange, mythic events. Yet, when his colleague Dr. Kixley is kidnapped by a group of marauding Satanists, Hilton might be her only hope for survival.

We find out that Kixley is no ordinary researcher. She holds the key to an ancient riddle that can unleash evil on Earth. Kixley’s knowledge is so dangerous; her kidnappers will go to great lengths to use his knowledge for evil.

Directed by Kevin McDonagh and released in 2009, Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever will keep you tuned into the action. Hilton is in a race against time through the English countryside, and you’ll just have to watch to see how he makes out. With its clear influences from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as its action-packed scenes, Idol of Evil is a must-watch for action mystery enthusiasts.


Julian Grant’s Airborne has the plot of your average action movie: A black ops team is tasked with retrieving a dangerous virus-causing agent from a gang of thieves. The virus gets into the hands of an international arms dealer, and it’s up to the team to save humanity. You get it. Starring 80s heartthrob Steve Guttenberg – famous for Police Academy – and British badboy Sean Bean, Airborne packs the action into its 90-minute runtime.

Featuring a daring mid-air mission, as well as plenty of shootouts and chase scenes, the film holds its own against Big Budget action movies. Yet, it’s clearly a low-budget affair. Either way, Airborne is a must-watch if you’re a fan of flashy, explosion-heavy action movies.

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A Heist and a Wilderness Survival Story: Two Action Movies You’ll Love on ViewLorium

What makes for a good action movie? A fast moving story? Adventures in far-away lands? Shootouts? Well, you will get all that and more from Rapid Fear and Braille. Both films offer unique takes on the action genre, featuring intriguing storylines, well-executed cinematography and entertaining, action-packed scenes.

Rapid Fear

In Geoff Cox’s Rapid Fear, six teenage delinquents are given a choice: Serve 48 hours in jail or spend the time on a teambuilding camping and survival trip in the woods. They all choose the latter, and the group is sent on a wild adventure deep in the backcountry. The expedition team is led by hardened ex-con James (played by Peter Kent), who’s recently been released from prison, as well as a warden and several other adults.

The thing is: There’s an evil presence stalking the group in the woods, and as the teen’s chaperones slowly start to disappear, it will be up to these hardened teens to band together to save each other and survive in the wilderness. Also starring Steven Grives, Rapid Fear starts quickly with a chase scene, and the adventure just flows from there. You will be glued to the screen just waiting to see how these youngsters survive.


In writer/director Matthew Chuang’s Braille, a classic action plotline is turned on its head. This isn’t your average action movie storyline. In the film, we have a former thief named Nick – who’s now blind – and Nick’s looking to avenge misdeeds that are nearly two decades in the past. To help with this complex, payback heist, Nick brings three young thieves on board to serve as his protégés.

The planning and execution of the heist carries the story forward at razor-sharp speeds, but it’s what Chuang accomplishes in the script that makes this story unique. Chuang has written a rich, vibrant tale. There’s drama and depth in his characters, which sometimes you don’t find in the genre. Plus, Chuang has a knack for pacing. The story moves along quickly during the race against the clock to heist a stolen diamond.

What’s more, Chuang used a digital format for the movie, and as a result, the cinematography has a distinctive movie screen type look that’s interesting and elegant. Braille works on so many levels: From the plot, to the cinematography, and although its low budget is sometimes evident, it’s certainly a film you don’t want to miss.

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Who Doesn’t Like a Good Laugh?

Swimsuit The Movie

Swimsuit The Movie is just one of the many comedy movies available to watch through ViewLorium. The movie is what we call a *mockumentary* – which is set out like a documentary – but of course a whole lot funnier. The movie revolves around a fictional chemical company who have decided to put out a swimsuit issue so they can capitalise on the old *sex sells* adage and they hope that sex will sell their awful products. The mocking part of this documentary is that the company actually sells everything! Everything from faulty breast implants, toilet paper and lousy chicken nuggets to toxic water and chemicals that destroy the environment – basically anything they can get wrong – they do!

The firms motto is deceive and destroy!

The documentary part of the movie is them actually making the swimsuit catalogue.

Mrs Allison is the owner of the Saltare Swimwear Company – along with her not so bright assistant Willard and her top man Brian they have to find the men and women who can be perspective models for her swimwear range. Through the movie we look into the personal life of these young hopefuls and the strenuous workouts and photo shoots they undertake to make the cut – but only a few will be chosen.

Swimsuit The Movie is quite funny and without a doubt the funniest character is Jeremy Hollister who is the alcoholic photographer in charge of photographing the catalogue. Of course there are some pretty hot women including supermodel Sandy Scotland who is played by Suzanne Lanza.

Think of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, beautiful women in bikini’s selling the advantages of these horrible products. Every model is trying to do their very best with shoots taking place on an oily beach, inside a rainforest and some other rather unfortunate locations. Will anyone actually quit before the photo shoot is over?

You’ll find the models are stunning and have strong personalities while the head of the company makes outrageous comments about the environment and the impact of his chemicals, you’ll enjoy the scenery but the acting leaves a lot to be desired….. But it is a classic B-grade movie!

Swimsuit The Movie was made in 1997 and stars Rebeccah Bush, Arthur Roberts, Oliver Muirhead, Heidi Mark and Suzanne Lanza, and runs for 83 minutes.

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Japanese Movies on ViewLorium

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Blind Love

Blind Lovewas released in 2006 and runs for just over 1 hour. It stars Paulabianca Hatter, Khalfani Allicock and Austin Ku. She is a prostitute who must obey the call of the night, he’s a hit man wanting keep a low profile, they don’t know each other but end up renting the same room. They decide to take turns spending half days in the apartment so their lives never cross, she hates that he pees on her toilet seat and smokes. He is aware of her *job* and begins to fantasise about her….. As they both become more and more entangled in their lives of crime it seems that the underworld will actually bring these two together – but when? and how??

Twitch – You Are My Toy

Twitch – you are my toyThis is a 2004 *pink film* directed by Yuji Tajiri – the film won the *Bronze prize* for best film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony while lead actress Yumeka Sasaki also won the award for best actress. This is another short Japanese film running only 65 minutes and stars Yumeka Sasaki, Atsuya Sanada and Masahiko Hori.

Headstrong photographer Minori is involved with Kushida her editor. While on a photographic assignment she gets into an argument with her subject Ageha who is a female erotic manga artist, who just like Minori is 30 and single. Unfortunately Shin’ichi who is the journalist on the assignment with Minori receives the blame for the failure of their assignment. To make amends Minori sleeps with Shin’ichi only to discover her own position at work isn’t as secure as she thought it was. When Minori starts to suspect that Kushida is also involved with Ageha Minori starts to reconsider her own lifestyle.

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2 More Action Movies on Viewlorium


Hypercane – or 500MPH Storm as it is also known is one of many full action movies you can watch for free online. ViewLorium is your home for the best of the best B-grade movies out there, and the great thing is you can watch a wide range of movies and TV shows on ViewLorium, all for FREE any time you want! The plotline of Hypercane is quite simple – when an emergency experiment goes wrong a rash of massive hurricanes rip through North America, a scientist must now get his family to safety before these hurricanes merge – once merged they will form a hypercane with enough power to literally wipe America off the map.

Released in 2013 this action movie runs for 1 hour 26 and stars Casper Van Dien, Michael Beach and Sarah Lieving.

You will find Hypercane is one of those b-grade movies that is totally silly, quite bad but actually interesting and is a great movie if you have ever wondered *what if* a huge storm, hurricane, tornado etc were to hit. The special effects (basically the storm) seem to follow the hero and his family in their car and hit a factory complex, start a forest fire and are pretty corny, but isn’t that what we all love about b-grade movies?

As with all b-grade movies there is a question mark over some of the acting and they sure get around, one minute being in the foothills of the mountains, the next scene by a river and then suddenly they are up in the Sandia Mountains! This free online movie at ViewLorium will see some very strange dialogue, corny special effects, and actors who don’t act very well. For lovers of this style of movie and who want to be entertained by something different for 90 minutes, you’ll love it!

Witness in the Warzone

Witness in the Warzone – also known as *Deadline* is a great b-grade action movie available to watch free online and is a 1987 war/drama/action film about a journalist (Christopher Walken) ace reporter Don Stevens who has been set up using false information. It was filmed in Israel and won Christopher an award for *best Actor* in the Shanghai International TV Festival awards.

Don is an American journalist who is in Beirut, Lebanon during the civil war, staying in a hotel with an English Journalist Mike Jessop, he has been promised an interview with a top PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) leader – however this is a set-up and he mistakenly interviews an imposter who claims the PLO are ready to negotiate peacefully. Don is furious he has been lied to and sets out to find the truth.

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Rescue from Gilligan’s Island

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island is just one of the many comedy movies available to watch free online at ViewLorium.

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island made in 1978 capitalises on the popularity of the earlier TV series and sees our castaways STILL stranded on a deserted island. When a decaying Russian satellite crashes onto the island the Professor (Russell Johnson) uses a key from the satellite to make a barometer. Thanks to the new device he learns a massive wave will swamp the island, so in a desperate attempt to ride the disaster out the castaways lash all their huts together to form one structure.

When the wave hits the island the hut is washed out to sea. Once at sea Gilligan (Bob Denver) decides to cook a meal and accidentally starts a fire and nearly burns the floating hut down. While everyone is trying to put the fire out and save the hut they don’t see that a passing Navy helicopter has seen the smoke and has called for help.

Once back on dry land in Hawaii everyone is happy to be rescued, but a LOT has changed in the years they have been away and they all struggle to find a way to fit in. To make matters worse two Russian spies want that key from the satellite back – the problem is Gilligan is now wearing it around his neck!

Following on from the classic TV series Rescue from Gilligan’s Island is just as *corny* but still a lot of fun.


  • Rescue from Gilligan’s Island the TV movie was the most viewed movie of all time. When it aired it scored 52% in the Nielson ratings which remains one of the highest ratings of all time for a TV movie.
  • The scene where the rescued castaways are towed into harbour to a heroes’ welcome, was actually filmed in Los Angeles. The extras they hired to be the crowd were soon joined by many onlookers – all of them happy to see the familiar characters rescued at last. The crowd’s enthusiasm was so over-whelming the cast were reduced to tears.
  • This movie and the following Gilligan’s Island movie were being considered as pilots for a possible new Gilligan’s Island TV series the entire original cast returned for the movie except Tina Louise – who played Ginger Grant as she wanted too much money.
  • Producer Sherwood Schwartz ended up using his own money to fund the movie as the studio planned to limit his creative control and funding.

Northpole Review

The Northpole is of course where Santa and Mrs Claus live and it is a magical place, it has grown into a huge city that survives on the power of holiday happiness. Unfortunately with people having work commitments, family commitments and life in general getting too busy – The North Pole is in trouble, the magic of Christmas is dying. Who can help save all the wonderful and special traditions of Christmas?

A young boy Kevin – can – if he can get his protective mum Chelsea to take the time to rediscover the magic of the season. Kevin enlists the help of his teacher Ryan, a mysterious elf-like girl Clementine and a gospel singer named Josephine. Kevin is determined to prove that one small voice can change the hearts of many.

The underlying premise of the story is to remind us not to lose our Christmas spirit, it’s the joy and happy thoughts we have at Christmas time that helps the North Pole grow and to be strong, it’s what gives the elves the *strength* to make the toys for all the good boys and girls.

Clementine – one of Santa’s elves wants to help bring back the magic of Christmas and she notices that small beacon of hope in young Kevin. Kevin and his mum have just moved from Wisconsin to Colorado – for her work, but Kevin is scared that Santa won’t be able to find him in his new house. Together Clementine and Kevin realise if they can do one small thing, Santa will find him. They decide to reinstate the Christmas Tree Lighting – which was cancelled due to lack of interest, his Mum Chelsea is happy for her son, but she is worried he has an overactive imagination as he believes he is doing this to help Santa. Encouraged by his teacher Ryan Wilson, Kevin is worried that to bring the Christmas spirit back – he will have to start with his mum.

North Pole was written by and for the Hallmark Channel in America, it was released in 2014 and runs for 84 minutes and stars Tiffani Thiessen (Beverly Hills 90210), Josh Hopkins (Perfect Storm & GI Jane) and Bailee Madison (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Just Go With It)

There are great Christmas movies and not so great Christmas movies – this one is in the middle, while it doesn’t break any new ground – it’s the *typical* a jaded woman who has lost her faith in love – the single mum who meets *that* single guy with a heart of gold. While this one isn’t going to become one of those *holiday classics* it’s a good movie, just take it for what it is – a better than average made for TV Christmas movie.

We’ve got action!

If you love to watch movies online and you love action movies – ViewLorium has you covered. At ViewLorium we not only love movies we love action movies and we are happy to provide some of the best heart pumping, edge of your seat action movies out there. Watching movies online is fun, simple and at ViewLorium we make it so easy!

Here’s our TOP FIVE


Almighty Thor (2010)

It was released in 2010 and starring Cody Deal as Thor and Richard Grieco as Loki, Almighty Thor is the classic story of good VS evil. When Loki – a demon God wipes out the city of Valhalla to steal the Hammer of Invincibility it’s up to the young Thor to recover the cities from Loki’s evil. A Valkyrie named Jarnsaxa (played by Patricia Velasquez) attempts to train Thor to fight following the death of his father and older brother. Thor now must forge his own fate to recover the city and reclaim the hammer from Loki.


Airline Disaster (2010)

It was released in 2010 starring Scott Valentine, Meredith Baxter and Lindsey McKeon. When the president of the United States realises that domestic terrorists have hijacked a passenger jet that her brother is flying on she is faced with 2 choices, the safety of the cities below, or the safety of her brother.


Jack Hunter and The Star Of Heaven

It is another great action movie available on ViewLorium, if you love Indiana Jones, you’ll love Jack Hunter – in this adventure Jack finds a pharaoh’s tomb has been robbed, the only clue is a Roman Coin which leads him to Rome and to Constantinople, introduce some Russian bad guys a love triangle and stolen artefacts for nail biting excitement. Released in 2009 it stars Ivan Sergi, Joanne Kelly and Thure Riefenstein,


Moby Dick (2010)

This is the modern adaption of the classic novel – the captain of a high-tech submarine on an obsessive quest to kill the giant whale that maimed him. Released in 2010 it stars Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab, Renee O’Conner as Dr Michelle Herman and Matt Lagan as Capt. John *Bommer* Enderby.


2012 Super Nova

It is a hot action/sc-fi movie released in 2009 and stars Brian Krause, Heather McComb and Najarra Townsend. 2012 Super Nova is the story of a scientist racing against time to place a shield between the earth and the blast from a super nova. He also has to deal with attempted sabotage from a doom cult believing this to be God’s will who want the earth consumed by the intense radiation the Super Nova will bring.

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