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Reviews – Don’t shoot the pharmacist/Thunder Over Reno

At ViewLorium we have a wide range of classic b-grade movies available for you to watch free online 24/7. With so many free action movies to watch – when you want, it can be hard to decide. Today ViewLorium takes a closer look at some of our favourites.

Don’t Shoot The Pharmacist

Made in 2008 this comedy movie runs for 89 minutes and stars Ben Bailey as Zack, Godfrey as Kevin, Steve Byrne as Alex the comic, Jayson Simba, Roger Anthony, Erik Davies and Amily Sproch. 2008 Emmy winner Ben Bailey is Zack a pharmacist who is stuck in the sometimes zany *graveyard shift* at work, who has to do everything he can to survive the night.

Spending the night thinking about life as a roulette dealer, while dealing with a range of customers, from the weird and beautiful, to strange and dangerous. Zack and his wise-cracking pharmacy tech – Ty spend their nights trying to make sense of the strange world they find themselves living in working at Brooklyn’s *Goodyear Pharmacy*. Before their night can come to an end Zack’s newfound *self* is tested to the limit as the lives of Ty, Zack and Phil a frequent customer and manic OCD patient are put in danger by a desperate and armed man who will do anything he can to get what he wants.

Thunder Over Reno – (2008)

Butch Bandi (played by Hawk Younkins) is living in the small agricultural town of Death Valley Junction where he works as a crop duster in the family business. Butch is a cross between the local high school football team hero and the guy set to leave town as soon as possible to move onto bigger and better things. Out of the blue Butch suddenly finds marketing agent Pete Squires (played by Bobby Aronofsky) dropping into his life. Pete has just found himself in the middle of no-where looking for action, girls and petrol.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation Pete discovers the unknown but very talented pilot Butch and offers him the *chance of a lifetime* as a Race Pilot in the National Championship Air Races. Torn between his love for family and his dreams of a bigger and better life Butch leaves town with Pete after a fight with his dad Owen (played by Chris Foxworthy).

Butch finds himself pushed into the world of life-and-death Air Racing at Reno, he has to struggle to keep his mind on flying while dealing with 2 possible love interests – Marti Jackman (Natasha Yi) and Paige Raider (Izabella St James), for Butch his toughest job now is just to stay alive.

These are just 2 of the many free online movies available to watch on ViewLorium.