Off The Vine Season 1 Episode 9

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Original title: Off The Vine Season 1 Episode 9 | 23 min
Genre: Lifestyle
Penfolds Grange The story of Penfolds began more than 150 years ago with Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold and his wife Mary who emigrated from England. On arrival in 1844 they settled at Magill in the Adelaide foothills. Little did they know, that was the birth of Magill Estate where Grange would be created just over a hundred years later.
  Jammin' with Jarmer: Tropical Panna Cotta with Mango Salsa The desert is a visual showstopper. Learn how easy toffee baskets are to make. The combination of creamy panna cotta and fresh mango salsa make this recipe a must.
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