TV series – Australia’s Deadliest Destinations

ViewLorium is pleased to bring some great free TV shows to our viewers and Australia’s Deadliest Destinations is one of our most popular.

Australia’s Deadliest Destinations is a series of 7 documentaries that feature some of the most remote and unforgiving landscapes Australia has to offer. Greg Grainger has documented some of the most chilling stories you will ever see from stories of assaults and escapes, crocodiles and snakes, to the world’s largest bird – the Cassowary to the smallest ants that will swarm like an army. Australia is a land of lethal creatures and stories of amazing survival.

In this series you’ll see everything – amazing landscapes – coral reefs, snowfields, deserts and wetlands all filled with deadly creatures. You’ll meet the characters who live and work in these remote beautiful and inhospitable areas – how they work there and how they handle these killers.

Some of the highlights –

  • A great white shark biting an inflatable on the Ningaloo River
  • A snake wrangler being bitten on the nose by a deadly king brown snake
  • A giant 4 meter crocodile jumping from the water snapping its jaws shut, destroying the camera and almost pulling the cameraman into the water.

The series features –

  • The Simpson Desert – The driest place in Australia – walk with an explorer in 60-degrees Celsius temperatures from one side of the desert to the other
  • The Great Barrier Reef – home to some of the world’s deadliest creatures – Tiger sharks, toxic cone shells and box jellyfish in one of the world’s most beautiful places.
  • Snow and Survival – conditions during a mid-winter blizzard in Australia can still be dangerous with an adventurer trapped inside a collapsed snow cave.
  • Kakadu – watch Aboriginals hunt for wild snakes in a billabong full of birds, all while trying to avoid crocodiles.
  • Northern Rainforests – Visit the rainforests of far north Queensland they are both beautiful and deadly, filled with giant spiders and cassowaries that are so aggressive they can rip a man’s chest open with their dagger like claws.
  • The Kimberly – here you get to meet a family that catches crocodiles by hand, watch as wild inland bulls are pursued and captured and see emus that can cause serious injuries and even death. While back on the coast Irakandji jellyfish chase, catch and paralyse their prey.
  • Ningaloo Reef – this wild and very unique coral reef is home to enormous sea snakes the most venomous snakes in the world and the great white shark.

If you are looking for excitement – you’ll find it watching this TV series online through ViewLorium.

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