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Explore the World of Unique Animals

Australian film-maker and adventure Greg Grainger has a knack for creating documentaries that examine and exposure some of the world’s most fascinating creatives. His documentaries are beautifully shot, packed full of interesting information, and they’re sure to excite your sense of adventure as they take you around the world.

Two of Grainger’s documentaries – Fabulous Foals and On Thin Ice – will do that and much more. They’re wonderful docs that offer in-depth examinations of some of the world’s favourite furry friends, and they’re endlessly fascinating.

Fabulous Foals

Horses are majestic and mysterious, and in Fabulous Foals, they’re completely demystified. Produced by GraingerTV, this stand-alone documentary takes viewers on an around-the-world exploration of the horse. No stone is left unturned. From an in-depth look at different breeds of horses, to lifecycle of the horse from foal to adult, Fabulous Foals dazzles as it provides a comprehensive equine history.

You might never have ridden a horse. Or maybe you find them scary to be around. Either way, this documentary will fascinate you, as it delivers an endless stream of interesting factoids about horses around the world. When watching this documentary, you get to do it all: Take a ride into the world of horse sporting, and learn about horse jumping, cross country riding and dressage. Look at how different breeds were developed for specific jobs. And finally, explore some of the more obscure ways we humans interact with horses – from training them to star in TV shows, to taking them for swims at the beach.

Even if you’ve never been interested in horses, Fabulous Foals is sure to capture your attention and entertain. It’s fun, yet informative; beautifully shot, and most importantly, it’s captivating.

On Thin Ice

Not many of us will have the chance to travel to the Arctic to see polar bears, and with polar bears facing extinction, we may be losing the time to do it. Fortunately, we have film-maker and adventurer Greg Grainger’s On Thin Ice, an in-depth exploration of the plight of polar bears in the Arctic. Compiled during more than a year of expeditions in the frozen landscape, Grainger’s documentary delivers striking photos of polar bears in their natural habitats.

Yet, this isn’t just a naturalist look at these majestic creatures. Grainger’s documentary provides a crash course the changing climate and the affect it is having on bears in the Arctic. From dwindling food sources, to vanishing landscapes, On Thin Ice doesn’t just capture the beautiful landscapes; it also effectively documents the shocking affect its having on polar bears. Grainger and his crew captured footage of starving bears fighting dogs at a Norwegian weather station, images of a bear believed to have succumbed to starvation, and video of bears that had wandered into towns looking for food.

Simply put, On Thin Ice is a moving documentary that captures the beautiful, yet disappearing landscapes of the Arctic and the animals that call these environs home. You’ll feel the cold, as well as the isolation when watching hour-plus feature. It’s masterfully executed and beautifully shot, and well worth your time to watch.

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On the Edge of Your Seat with These Action Flicks

Good actions movies are chock full of suspense with storylines that fly and keep our attention. They keep us glued to the edge of our seats. Plus, when you throw some explosions, chase scenes, and shootouts in the mix, you can’t help but wait to see happens next.

Idol of Evil and Airborne couldn’t be more different. One follows kidnapping Satanists, while the other is the story of a black ops team that must retrieve a stolen viral agent before it’s too late. Although they’re different, they’re both wonderful, edge-of-your-seat action films that will get your heart racing.

Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever

Idol of Evil starts simple enough. David Hilton, played by actor Richard Cambridge, is a mythological researcher. He spends his days investigating paranormal and strange, mythic events. Yet, when his colleague Dr. Kixley is kidnapped by a group of marauding Satanists, Hilton might be her only hope for survival.

We find out that Kixley is no ordinary researcher. She holds the key to an ancient riddle that can unleash evil on Earth. Kixley’s knowledge is so dangerous; her kidnappers will go to great lengths to use his knowledge for evil.

Directed by Kevin McDonagh and released in 2009, Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever will keep you tuned into the action. Hilton is in a race against time through the English countryside, and you’ll just have to watch to see how he makes out. With its clear influences from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as its action-packed scenes, Idol of Evil is a must-watch for action mystery enthusiasts.


Julian Grant’s Airborne has the plot of your average action movie: A black ops team is tasked with retrieving a dangerous virus-causing agent from a gang of thieves. The virus gets into the hands of an international arms dealer, and it’s up to the team to save humanity. You get it. Starring 80s heartthrob Steve Guttenberg – famous for Police Academy – and British badboy Sean Bean, Airborne packs the action into its 90-minute runtime.

Featuring a daring mid-air mission, as well as plenty of shootouts and chase scenes, the film holds its own against Big Budget action movies. Yet, it’s clearly a low-budget affair. Either way, Airborne is a must-watch if you’re a fan of flashy, explosion-heavy action movies.

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A Heist and a Wilderness Survival Story: Two Action Movies You’ll Love on ViewLorium

What makes for a good action movie? A fast moving story? Adventures in far-away lands? Shootouts? Well, you will get all that and more from Rapid Fear and Braille. Both films offer unique takes on the action genre, featuring intriguing storylines, well-executed cinematography and entertaining, action-packed scenes.

Rapid Fear

In Geoff Cox’s Rapid Fear, six teenage delinquents are given a choice: Serve 48 hours in jail or spend the time on a teambuilding camping and survival trip in the woods. They all choose the latter, and the group is sent on a wild adventure deep in the backcountry. The expedition team is led by hardened ex-con James (played by Peter Kent), who’s recently been released from prison, as well as a warden and several other adults.

The thing is: There’s an evil presence stalking the group in the woods, and as the teen’s chaperones slowly start to disappear, it will be up to these hardened teens to band together to save each other and survive in the wilderness. Also starring Steven Grives, Rapid Fear starts quickly with a chase scene, and the adventure just flows from there. You will be glued to the screen just waiting to see how these youngsters survive.


In writer/director Matthew Chuang’s Braille, a classic action plotline is turned on its head. This isn’t your average action movie storyline. In the film, we have a former thief named Nick – who’s now blind – and Nick’s looking to avenge misdeeds that are nearly two decades in the past. To help with this complex, payback heist, Nick brings three young thieves on board to serve as his protégés.

The planning and execution of the heist carries the story forward at razor-sharp speeds, but it’s what Chuang accomplishes in the script that makes this story unique. Chuang has written a rich, vibrant tale. There’s drama and depth in his characters, which sometimes you don’t find in the genre. Plus, Chuang has a knack for pacing. The story moves along quickly during the race against the clock to heist a stolen diamond.

What’s more, Chuang used a digital format for the movie, and as a result, the cinematography has a distinctive movie screen type look that’s interesting and elegant. Braille works on so many levels: From the plot, to the cinematography, and although its low budget is sometimes evident, it’s certainly a film you don’t want to miss.

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