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Explore the World of Unique Animals

Australian film-maker and adventure Greg Grainger has a knack for creating documentaries that examine and exposure some of the world’s most fascinating creatives. His documentaries are beautifully shot, packed full of interesting information, and they’re sure to excite your sense of adventure as they take you around the world.

Two of Grainger’s documentaries – Fabulous Foals and On Thin Ice – will do that and much more. They’re wonderful docs that offer in-depth examinations of some of the world’s favourite furry friends, and they’re endlessly fascinating.

Fabulous Foals

Horses are majestic and mysterious, and in Fabulous Foals, they’re completely demystified. Produced by GraingerTV, this stand-alone documentary takes viewers on an around-the-world exploration of the horse. No stone is left unturned. From an in-depth look at different breeds of horses, to lifecycle of the horse from foal to adult, Fabulous Foals dazzles as it provides a comprehensive equine history.

You might never have ridden a horse. Or maybe you find them scary to be around. Either way, this documentary will fascinate you, as it delivers an endless stream of interesting factoids about horses around the world. When watching this documentary, you get to do it all: Take a ride into the world of horse sporting, and learn about horse jumping, cross country riding and dressage. Look at how different breeds were developed for specific jobs. And finally, explore some of the more obscure ways we humans interact with horses – from training them to star in TV shows, to taking them for swims at the beach.

Even if you’ve never been interested in horses, Fabulous Foals is sure to capture your attention and entertain. It’s fun, yet informative; beautifully shot, and most importantly, it’s captivating.

On Thin Ice

Not many of us will have the chance to travel to the Arctic to see polar bears, and with polar bears facing extinction, we may be losing the time to do it. Fortunately, we have film-maker and adventurer Greg Grainger’s On Thin Ice, an in-depth exploration of the plight of polar bears in the Arctic. Compiled during more than a year of expeditions in the frozen landscape, Grainger’s documentary delivers striking photos of polar bears in their natural habitats.

Yet, this isn’t just a naturalist look at these majestic creatures. Grainger’s documentary provides a crash course the changing climate and the affect it is having on bears in the Arctic. From dwindling food sources, to vanishing landscapes, On Thin Ice doesn’t just capture the beautiful landscapes; it also effectively documents the shocking affect its having on polar bears. Grainger and his crew captured footage of starving bears fighting dogs at a Norwegian weather station, images of a bear believed to have succumbed to starvation, and video of bears that had wandered into towns looking for food.

Simply put, On Thin Ice is a moving documentary that captures the beautiful, yet disappearing landscapes of the Arctic and the animals that call these environs home. You’ll feel the cold, as well as the isolation when watching hour-plus feature. It’s masterfully executed and beautifully shot, and well worth your time to watch.

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Ben Cropp’s – Wild Australia

ViewLorium has a wide range of documentaries and some of the most popular are those in the Ben Cropp – Wild Australia series. Two of the most popular Ben Cropp documentaries currently screening on ViewLorium are –

Wonders of a Billabong

The billabong has become one of Australia’s icons, thanks to it being made *famous* by the poems of Banjo Patterson. A billabong is basically a river that has been cut off, when a river changes its course it often leaves a banana shaped stretch of water, over time this area becomes land locked and transforms itself into a tranquil lagoon – a billabong.

In Wonders of a Billabong Ben chooses to show viewers one of the best billabongs he has ever seen this one is located outside Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory. This stunning billabong is literally teaming with life and Ben (who is filming in High Definition) captures all of the amazing wildlife and the beautiful scenery. Watching the wildlife we learn how the daily predator VS prey of the animal kingdom is played out – a daily upheaval that takes place in an otherwise tranquil and pristine billabong.

In this apparently calm lagoon you’ll see the water full of crocodiles – both the harmless fresh water and the dangerous salt water varieties, learn how they prey on the turtles, barramundi, cat-fish and file snakes that call this billabong home. There are other lizards living there too including the water dragons that also feed on smaller prey.

There is a range of birdlife flying over head including darters, cormorants, pelicans and osprey eagles – all who are capable of diving and capturing the fish that live in the billabong. Ben captures crocodiles stalking and catching a wild pig and a wallaby! This amazing 52 minute documentary captures the beauty of this uniquely Australian icon both above and below the water.

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This Rugged Coast – The Coral Labyrinth

The area at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef – Swains Reef remains largely still uncharted which presents a huge challenge for even the most experienced sailors. It is also an area teaming with the world’s largest collection of venomous sea snakes, watch as Ben encounter these dangers as he takes you an another adventure through this wild and dangerous area off Australia’s coast.

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Ben Cropp is an Australian conservationist and documentary film maker who was born in 1936, originally a shark hunter Ben retired from shark hunting in 1962 to pursue his passion for oceanic documentary film making – he would go on to make over 150 wildlife documentaries.

ViewLorium is currently screening a range of Ben Cropp *Wild Australia* documentaries, you can watch these free TV shows online, and for those of you with a passion for nature, those wishing to learn more or for anyone wanting to show their children the beauty of this country any of the Ben Cropp documentaries will be sure to entertain, delight and educate everyone. The best thing is you can stream all these great documentaries to your capable device completely free – 24/7!

Some of the best picks from the Ben Cropp – This rugged coast series include:

  • The Coral Labyrinth – it’s difficult at times to understand that there are still uncharted and unexplored areas in the world, with all the sonar, satellites, GPS and technology available but along a 1,250 mile stretch of the Great Barrier Reef is an area called Swains Reefs – and while many people have been drawn here in the past, some have NOT returned. Ben and his crew will need to navigate this coral labyrinth and find their way out again, but it’s not that easy as in this area lives the largest population – in the world – of venomous sea snakes. This action packed documentary runs for 47 minutes. Watch The Coral Labyrinth online Free!
  • Mysteries of the Nor’west – in this 48 minute documentary, Ben travels the Kimberly Coast, following the King George River to its stunning waterfalls along rivers full of crocodiles. Ben is here to see the revenge Aborigines practiced on Groote Island – a trial by spears. Very few vessels have been along this remote coast and Ben discovers ancient rock art depicting soldiers coming ashore probably from 1644 when Abel Tasman’s Dutch crew landed. This historic landing was captured by the Aborigines. Watch Mysteries of the Nor’west Online Free!
  • Dead Men’s Silver – pirates and treasure – there is a graveyard of a real treasure galleon on a small sandy patch at   a reef’s edge at Beacon Island – and is the sight of incredible drama – all part of early Australian history. The tiny island located nearby saw Australia’s first Mutiny along with mass murder and rape. Ben and his team are here to help the western Australian museum team not only relive it’s murderous past but also to recover its treasures! Watch Dead Men’s Silver Online Free!

This is just a sample of the free TV series available for you to watch online and some of the exciting Ben Cropp documentaries. ViewLorium has a range of free Documentary shows and full movies online you can stream for free.